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The other day I was talking to a business friend. We met and started working together almost two years ago. In our conversation I detected distance in her voice. Her hello was a little less warm. Her emails were more direct and business like. My inner fitness radar could tell “something” was different between us…something that could easily get out of hand and damage the relationship. If mending the growing distance was to be possible I needed to step in sooner than later if this relationship mattered. I risked having a conversation. I was transparent and vulnerable. I said I felt a change in energy between us that felt uncomfortable. To make sure my comments didn’t come off as though I was blaming, judging or making her wrong, I made all my comments “I” statements (“I’m” concerned there might be some distance brewing between us) instead of making “you” statements (“you” have been acting strange). I let her know the relationship was important to me. We talked. She disclosed that indeed there was a feeling of hurt brewing inside of her. Our conversation brought clarity to a choice I made that had left her feeling like I discounted her talent. Yet her interpretation and my choice were not the same. Turns out (as is the case more often than not between people) how she interpreted the choice I made, left her feeling bad. With our conversation came clarity that washed away hurt feelings. Investing time and being open and honest put the relationship back on solid ground. 

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FREEDOM starts NOW! In school did you ever take a course that taught you how to navigate the hurts, dramas, traumas, upsets and disappointments that come with life? If you're like 98% of the people I ask this question your answer is "No." That's insane, right! Hurt of one kind or another comes as part of the human experience. Every person should have access to the kind of knowledge that can really make a difference in their life: how to manage your noisy judgmental mind, overcome chronic challenges, believe in your innate worth, and use every experience in life to call forth your greatness.   




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 The other day I was talking to a business friend. We met and started working together almost two years ago. In our conversation I detected distance in her voice. Her hello was a little less warm. Her emails were more direct and business like. My inner fitness radar could tell “something” was differ...
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