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Take the journey back to yourself with the 14 Practices of

Inner Health and Wellbeing

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What is Inner Fitness?

Inner Fitness is developing mental, emotional, and spiritual skills and practices that foster resilience, resolve inner issues and relieve stress so you can live well and thrive no matter your circumstances. Inner Fitness should be as well understood, accessible and actionable as physical fitness.

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Daily we make health and wellness choices connected to physical fitness. Should I eat this? How can I get my steps in? Should I go to the gym today? Yet, these considerations don’t address your inner wellbeing and Self-care needs. Join our workouts and dive deeper into caring better for your SELF.

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Understanding how your thoughts work and developing an Inner Fitness regime just makes sense. Follow me @TinaLifford across social media for inspiration and upcoming events to assist you in your Inner Fitness Journey. We also have a newsletter with helpful tips and free resources.

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The Little Book of Big Lies

2021 Forbes Best Personal Development Book 

2020 Book Authority Award Winner, Best Meaning of Life Books of All Time

2019 Nautilus Book Gold Award Winner, Personal Growth Category

“[This book] delivers real transformation for those who are willing to not only read it but also practice the inner fitness principles that are clearly laid out for us. It is the Truth that will make us free, and Tina leads us right to it. Now, it’s up to you."


Michael B. Beckwith • Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center

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