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The 14 Practices of
Inner Health & We

When what's outside of you

is no longer enough.

A 14-week program that connects you with your inner Self, practices that change your daily experiences, & a trusted community


Ready to Stop Chasing Life

and Leaving Yourself Out?

The 14 Practices of Inner Health & Wellness - an Inner-FItness Program - are more than nice affirmations. They are the actions necessary to develop Inner Fitness and an empowered way of life. Self-Image is NOT how you dress or the car you drive. An empowered Self-image is crucial to getting more of what fulfills you. 


The 14 Practices of Inner Health & Wellness puts you in touch with your inner Self, where you can see new options and learn to reconnect with your heart, respond better to circumstances, and get better results in every area of your life

Yes, please!

Time with

Your Self

Reframe Old Experiences





Shift to New 


A Safe



Summer 2023 Cycle: May 28th – Sept. 2nd*

* Sessions are held once a week. There is an enrollment process that determines your session day and time.

  • 14 weekly one-hour meetings*  

  • 14 life-changing practices to choose from and engage each week              

  • A community where you feel safe, seen, heard, and valued

  • Dedicated time to strengthen and elevate your mental and  emotional wellbeing

  • Lifetime access to tools, practices, and biannual meetings to develop and sustain your inner fitness


Here’s what past participants have to say about The 14 Practices of Inner Health & Wellness:

Completely PHENOMENAL! The past weeks have been life altering. SELF365 has definitely been a place where I could be safe, seen, and heard. Thank you for creating such a powerful, unparalleled experience. There was a divine connection with the women of my SELF365 circle. It's beyond coincidence. I've worked through past hurts. I've shared without judgement. I've experienced freedom, and I made life connections with phenomenal women across the US. This group was exactly what I needed in this current season.

Kisha S.


With The 14 Practices of Inner

Health & Wellness, you’ll learn how to:

  • Be with yourself inside of yourself in ways that empower and transform how you think and respond to circumstances.

  • Discover and align with your internal needs  

  • Shift to new perspectives and make room for unimagined possibilities

  • Become empowered to transform situations instead of holding your breath hoping things will change 

  • Free yourself of self-judgment and feeling not good enough

All of this is for the incredibly low enrollment fee of $379!

14 weekly guided small group sessions where you learn to elevate your relationship with yourself and navigate daily life and internal challenges using the 14 practices of SELF365.

Take a peek at what’s inside
14 Practices of Inner Health & Wellness!

For years, Tina Lifford—acclaimed actress, well-being thought leader, and founder of The Inner Fitness Project—was obsessed with figuring out how to navigate the fear, confusion, and obstructions that come with trying to create a happy and successful life. 


By creating The 14 Practices of Inner Health & Wellbeing, Tina has been able to manifest the career, relationships, and lifestyle of her dreams. 

You’ll have the exact same practices to use every day to see challenges differently and grow beyond old patterns and programming. You’ll also have the immense benefit of learning from the personal experiences of your group - each week.  


The result? 


Your life will start to shift in ways you haven’t thought possible.

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