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NAME IT is our healing and thriving community board. One of the most powerful steps you can take in taking your power back from hurt or difficult issues is to simply acknowledge the very event or issue that robbed you of personal power or dimmed light.  Just NAME IT.  Use the board as an exercise in letting go of the hurt or issue.  Say this happened and allow the simple truth to lead you in a healing direction. Similarly, this simple NAME IT process is equally powerful when it comes to creating your desires. You can use the community board to also acknowledge the dreams you hold in your heart and let the mystical nature of the universe pull your dream(s) into reality. 

Guidelines for effective posting: 

  • Simply state what happened.

  • Avoid blaming others or judging yourself.

  • NAME IT in 50 words or less so that your thoughts are lasered and succinct. This helps get rid of your likely overly indulged story.


Likewise, when posting about a desire:

  • succinctly state what you want.

  • You don’t have to have a reason to want what you want.

  • You don’t have to justify your desire,

  • nor prove that you are worthy.

  • Simply NAME IT.  



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