As a personal development network, The Inner Fitness Project mission is to teach effective reliable “inner” practices for navigating your past, present, and future with resilience, power, and vision and make Inner Fitness more accessible to every human being.


Using the physical fitness movement that began in 1934 as a template, The Inner Fitness Project seeks to identify and boil down the basic components of “inner fitness” the way that physical fitness boils down to diet and exercise. We believe that inner health and a profound sense of wellbeing is the currency of the future.


People who can learn today to effectively navigate their inner challenges will be the thriving winners in life tomorrow.  Through workshops, a touring play and online products, Tina Lifford is making a difference in the lives of people who are ready to thrive and not merely survive.

Change can’t happen without there being an opening through which it can enter.

-Tina Lifford

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