Tina Lifford


I am happy you are here.


YES! I am the actress who plays Aunt Vi on the critically acclaimed drama Queen Sugar. I am also an Inner Fitness strategist, committed to sharing with you the nitty-gritty aspects of personal development and practices that foster well-being (that it has taken me decades to learn) so that you can Be Fully Alive and THRIVE in your life.


Being fully alive means feeling confident and capable of thriving in life no matter how life shows up in your world. It also means being able to reconnect with the deepest most satisfying parts of yourself, leave old hurt behind and dare to go after the life you most want to live. In a nutshell, this is what success and happiness look like. Learning to be successful AND happy takes work. Most people have not learned to have both outer success and true inner happiness. You can!

Inside of you is the

surviving self,

the Thriving Self and the INFINITE SELF...

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