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30 Days to a More Thriving You is a Self-Awareness Guide filled with practical tools and exercises to help you do the one thing that challenges most people: reclaim, re-trust, and lead with your authentic Self.


And, for a limited time, you’ll get more than just the workbook…


When you purchase 30 Days to a More Thriving You today, you’ll get daily support and community access through Tina's Inner Circle. This online community applauds your journey as you step into your Self with a capital S. You will get this for free for one year (a $34.99 value).


Order your workbook today (this price includes U.S. shipping and handling) and invite your friends to join this challenge. Together, step into a better, more capable version of yourselves.


Hold on to your workbook when you get it because, starting March 1st, we will do the workbook together in Tina's Inner Circle. You’ll be able to interact virtually with Tina and our thriving community!


This 30-day experience helps you disrupt old patterns and give your Self permission to thrive. This is not just a guide for 30 days. This guide and the experience will be of service to you for a long time to come.

30 Days to a More Thriving You Self-Awareness Guide

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