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A community journey of 14 practices for Inner Health and Wellbeing.

Is where you are in life – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – where you want to be?

Do you often feel disconnected from yourself - a long way from becoming the person you want to be?

Does it feel like you are constantly moving but not necessarily toward the success and happiness you want?


You have just landed on a program offered by The Inner Fitness Project — created by Tina Lifford — that can transform your current struggles into a thriving life. Introducing SELF365.

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SELF365 is a 14-week program that teaches you the 14 Practices for Inner Health and Wellbeing and offers practical, actionable practices, guidance, and ongoing support, in a safe and trusted community environment. The program allows you to reconnect to the whole and capable person within you and navigate life challenges by applying the wisdom of the 14 practices and experiencing greater inner-self mastery and peace.


Through SELF365, you will:


  • Develop the ability to shift your perspective and make a self-empowering response in any situation

  • Achieve a greater sense of Self

  • Relish in a safe space to process and grow

  • Move beyond limiting beliefs

  • Enjoy new possibilities in every area of life


People who invest in their inner health become aware of their strengths and weaknesses. A weakened sense of Self and wellbeing is the breeding ground for internal conflict that can lead to stress and impact how a person relates to the world around them.  

SELF365 is a proactive approach to inner health and wellbeing, with the benefits of community support. This program works as an executive leadership and healthy-living coaching program. Whether you are navigating limiting beliefs that show up in the office or your personal life, SELF365 allows you to practice seeing, addressing, and dismantling limiting patterns.

Intentionally working with mental tendencies and habits is the fastest path to greater mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom and higher levels of achievement, increased life satisfaction, better communication skills, and increased internal calm. In the 21st Century, the most valuable leaders, whether in the workplace or at home, will be people who are emotionally congruous, resilient, self-affirmed, and empathetic. Today, people want to feel safe, seen, and heard. They want to feel they matter and have the internal grit, resilience, fortitude, and wisdom to navigate life successfully. SELF365 gives you a path to a safe community of like-minded people ready to support one another using Tina's 14 Practices of Inner Health and Wellbeing. 

SELF365 launches in October of 2022 and requires a simple application to see if the program is right for you. 


Attendees of this program will receive:


  • 14 weeks of community gatherings to discuss how each person is using the 14 Practices of Inner Health and Wellbeing to better navigate their life challenges.

  • Prerecorded teaching sessions from Tina Lifford about the 14 Practices.

  • A physical copy of “The Little Book of Big Lies,” an award-winning book by Tina Lifford, will help guide you through inner fitness practices.

  • Complimentary access to our Wellness Wednesday program during your enrollment in SELF365 for additional support while involved in the program.

  • Complimentary access to a 14 Practices Deep Dive to walk you through how to apply the practice to a challenge in your life

  • Invitation for life to our quarterly town hall sessions, led by Tina, using the 14 Practices for Inner Health and Wellbeing.


All of this is for the incredibly low registration fee of $379!


SELF365  is an exclusive, invitation-only program. To be considered for this powerful program, please submit your application by October 1, 2022.

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Previous Participants Say...

"Healing looks so very different for all of us and our experiences are ALL very real. Knowing that I am not alone in this work has been transformative!"                                                                                     -Tianna C.

"This process taught me to trust in my good gut feelings and stop questioning what I already knew worked for me; to choose me especially when I couldn’t find a reason not to; to simply stop fighting myself in what I knew was good for me. It revealed that my mind is my friend. I can find comfort in what I know and I am smart and able to care for myself the best."

                                                   - Eve P. 

“It was a good way for me to become aware of the ways I had turned against myself. I have it in me to grow and get stronger if I do the work.”

                                               -Kevin S. 

"Completely PHENOMENAL! The past weeks have been life altering. This group has definitely been a place where I could be safe, seen, and heard. Thank you for creating such a powerful, unparalleled group. Having these women in the Inner Fitness Circle was a divine connection. It's beyond coincidence. I've worked through past hurts. I've shared without judgement. I've experienced freedom, and I made life connections with phenomenal women across the US. This group was exactly what I needed in this current season."

                                                 - Kisha S.

"I am grateful for the 14 Practices. I trust and love the women with whom I became acquainted. I love working with Tina’s book and all the ways I can apply the practices in my life daily. It has been thought provoking and heart focused. I am more aware of my actions and the unkind ways that I treat myself."
                                                  - Ruth B.