Welcome to the Inner Fitness Project™, a wellbeing initiative that teaches effective, reliable "inner" practices for navigating your past, present, and future with resilience, power, and vision so you can live well and thrive.


We look forward to you attending our upcoming inner fitness workout. At its core, inner fitness work is checking in with yourself and learning strategies for navigating challenges while maintaining a healthy awareness of your Self and a satisfying sense of what is possible for your life. Our self-guided assessment is a great way to establish your current baseline relationship with your Self. When you know where you are you can more effectively navigate to where you want to be.  


A free lifetime membership to our Wellness Wednesday gathering (a mid-week check-in to keep you on track while journeying back to your Self), is offered as part of your upcoming workout. Check the appropriate box to opt-in or out of this added bonus and enter your contact information below. When you click submit you will receive your inner fitness assessment.


Here’s to taking care of your Self like you matter. 

Live well and thrive

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