Here’s an excerpt:  THE PERSON INSIDE OF YOU WHO WAKES UP, struggles with life, feels overwhelmed and at war, and who needs to be in control, is not who you really are at your core. This warring outer self is our small surviving self -- a distortion.


Distortions are lies.


They are like the images we see at a House of Mirrors attraction at an amusement park. The mirrors make our images so grotesque, weird or laughable that we barely recognize ourselves. In one mirror we look like the Pillsbury doughboy, in another our head is pointy and our face elongated and wavy.


Growing up, my family regularly visited an amusement park in Chicago called Riverview Park. The House of Mirrors was a family favorite. This attraction was a corridor of mirrors -- all different sizes and shapes. There were always a couple of mirrors in which the distortion was so captivating that I would find myself fixed in one spot for a longer period of time - twisting my body from side to side, distending my belly, making a weird face, and doing things with my hands and lips to see what the distorted mirror would reflect.


Finally, I would come to the last mirror. It was usually placed as a lone mirror, just on the other side of a curtain, separated from the corridor of mirrors. This last mirror was not a trick mirror. It told the truth and marked the end of the attraction. In the last mirror a certain calm always settled as I saw myself again as I really was, undistorted. 


I was usually the first person ready to leave the House of Mirrors. I would get bored with seeing myself distorted. Once the impact and novelty of the weird shapes wore off I was ready to be myself and move on. I wanted to get on with the fun of the day and enjoy the other attractions and rides.


I would shake my head at the thought of how awful it would be to get stuck inside a House of Mirrors forever and never have a clear image of myself.


Life is full of experiences that distort our sense of self and leave us struggling with left over hurt, drama, trauma, disappointment and fear is a lie. We must learn to see lies for what they are – distortions that are not the truth – and say no to their limiting lies.


…from this point forward there is never a justifiable reason to think poorly of ourselves or speak harshly to ourselves, not for any reason, at any time, under any circumstances. It is simply unacceptable…



Tina Lifford literally pours her soul into this book. In fourteen raw, life-changing personal stories, she teaches you how to change your self-perception—to see yourself in the best possible light, to love and honor what you see, and to forge a new sense of what's possible in every aspect of your life. The Little Book of Big Lies will help you turn shame into self-acceptance, self-rejection into self-love, blame into freedom, and old hurt into power. Wise and powerful, The Little Book of Big Lies will completely change how you think and live…for real!


Your task is to see the lies and remember that you are more!

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Lie:  Any moment, person or event that left you feeling less than whole, or not good enough is a lie. Stand up to the lie. Turn your back and walk away. 

-Tina Lifford

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