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Forbes' Best Personal Development
Book for 2021
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Best Meaning of Life Books of All Time
Nautilus Book 2019 Gold Award Winner
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 One morning I woke up to the devastating news that my brother was using heroin. This drug turns users into the walking dead. When I think of the choice my brother made for his life, I think about the lies he ingested that led him to this unhealthy choice. Devastating choices are preceded by the devastating lie that somehow we are not good enough. We swallow this lie whole.

The lie, once ingested, becomes part of us. We speak the lie, we think the lie, and we tell ourselves the lie whether we’re conscious of it or not.

This book is for Steve, who now rests in peace.


The Little Book of Big Lies Forward

People all over our planet are waking up to the truth that there is a great destiny loaded and coded within us all. People are becoming aware that their destiny is not in the hands of seeming external forces, their DNA, their environment, or decisions made by younger versions of themselves. More and more individuals are becoming aware that our life experiences are determined by our beliefs and our perceptions that then form themselves as our life experiences. Holding The Little Book of Big Lies in your hands right now indicates that you are indeed ready to take total responsibility for your own happiness, health, success, and prosperity. In fact, you are indeed ready to consciously participate in your own unfolding while relinquishing excuses and incessant complaining about how life has done you wrong.

I have known Tina Lifford for many years. I have watched her put into practice the Universal truths found in her book and observed how her life continues to bear witness to the ever-increasing success and wellbeing in which she genuinely glows. So, The Little Book of Big Lies is not just a theoretical treatise that was forced into expression through the intellect. Tina has lived what she is teaching, which makes this book even more powerful. As you read it you will uncover lies about yourself and about life that you may have unconsciously been living. Remember, a lie believed acts as a law until it’s neutralized. Tina will assist you in neutralizing those lies so that you can be free to live the life that you are meant to live.

I dare to say that everyone has a “meant-to-be” within them. Everyone is filled to overflowing with infinite potential and limitless good. What separates us is our habits, including our mental habits. This book will assist you in changing your mental habits and the lies that helped bring them into being. This seemingly little book is big in what it delivers. It delivers real transformation for those who are willing to not only read it but also practice the inner fitness principles that are clearly laid out for us. It is the Truth that will make us free, and Tina leads us right to it. Now, it’s up to you.

Peace and Blessings,

Michael B. Beckwith • Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center • Author, Spiritual Liberation & Life Visioning

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