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Transforming Your Life is Possible.


Inner Fitness 101 teaches you to say YES to your inner Self QUICKLY. 

It is a fun and easy tool kit that helps you. . .


• Stop doubting your ability and worth

• Focus on what's possible for your life and THRIVE

• Rewire the thinking that causes stress

• Take your next best step toward the life you want

• Feel empowered over and over for the rest of your life

Don't waste your life letting your limiting thoughts, habits, and beliefs get in your way!


In this Inner Fitness 101 session, Tina Lifford (the founder and CEO of The Inner Fitness Project) guides you through six exercises and core concepts that allow you to reframe your life in surprising ways. You get effective, actionable practices you can use at any moment to shift to a new thought that allows you to thrive.


You'll develop new mental, emotional, and spiritual skills that allow you to get out of your own way and feel more fully alive. Knowing where you want to go is your part; supporting you in getting there is ours!


Once you purchase this invite, you will get an invite to our Inner Circle within 24 hours. There you will be able to access the course. 


All sales are final. 

Inner Fitness 101

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