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Are Self-Limiting Thoughts and Behaviors Holding You Back?

Inner Fitness work strengthens your ability to move beyond limiting thoughts and behaviors, resolve unresolved issues from the past, and stretch into a better relationship with your Self.

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When was the last time you spent real, quality time with yourself?

Join Tina on A Journey into Inner Fitness and engage your journey back to the SELF.


HOW TO BE (WITH) YOURSELF: A Journey into Inner Fitness

September 22nd - September 24th
Boone, NC at the Art of Living Retreat Center.



Just like you have a physical body you have an inner Self
- your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. 

Your inner Self drives how you feel about yourself and life.

Inner Fitness develops a healthy, empowered, and conscious relationship with your inner Self so you can thrive.

Inner Fitness Programs

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The Little Book of Big Lies

2021 Forbes Best Personal Development Book 

2020 Book Authority Award Winner, Best Meaning of Life Books of All Time

2019 Nautilus Book Gold Award Winner, Personal Growth Category

“[This book] delivers real transformation for those who are willing to not only read it but also practice the inner fitness principles that are clearly laid out for us. It is the Truth that will make us free, and Tina leads us right to it. Now, it’s up to you."


Michael B. Beckwith • Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center

Past Partners

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