It's Springtime!

Spring is in the air: birds are chirping the news of their return, baby squirrels are wrestling in

the grass and scurrying up trees, and blooming flowers fill the air with their unique beauty and scents.

Soon we will see cyclists riding in packs and parks turned into outdoor gyms and yoga studios.

This Spring, as you think about the weight you want to lose and that banging beach-body you want to build, might you also give thought to your inner Self?

Remember her? That’s the exhausted part of you that usually winds up being the last thought on your to-do lists and the last real person in need that you care for.

What might your inner Self want in this season?

Spring is about rebirth, rejuvenation, resurrection. How might the inner you begin anew, or, like a Phoenix, rise to a higher height with new life?

Taking time to even contemplate this question is a valuable starting place. When you take time to contemplate your needs, you are reenforcing the notion that you matter. The more you feel like you matter, the more your will include your Self and prioritize your needs.

If you are in the habit of rushing past or ignoring your Self and leaving your Self out of your life, then the simple act of taking TIME to ASK your Self how you might want to do life differently is like pouring water on a neglected plant. Life will rush into the dry shrunken places, filling you with life and strength.

So, as you think about getting ready for Spring, here is my suggestion:

When you look at your body and see the weight you want to lose, don’t just pay attention to your physical form. Also, see the person you want to become: Do you want more aliveness, joy, peace, confidence, Self-care, etc.? Whatever you want, NAME IT! You are far more likely to manifest the missing qualities in your life if you acknowledge that they are missing. Remember: You can’t change what you can’t see. Naming what you see helps you be more targeted in your efforts to change. Naming what you want helps you intentionally reach for it with every action you choose to take.