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Rise Into Your Whole Self: 5 Unexpected Reasons to Join My New Workshop

Updated: Jan 30

Have you ever felt that there's a part of you yearning to break free, embrace all you are, and live a fuller and more purposeful life?

For many of us there’s a part of us that’s not free to be. That knows we haven’t fully lived our lives. And we want more.

Fortunately, science is beginning to give us the answers we need to experience more of who we are. There are actionable tools and practices that allow us to be with ourselves and life's challenges differently. There are tangible things we can do to honor ourselves like never before. And that is what this year's Phoenix Rising program is all about.

Phoenix Rising uses scientific principles to widen your view and experience of you. As you move through the program, you give yourself permission to think, believe, and do things that you haven’t yet given to yourself.

The result? You rise from where you are without judging where you are. With this increasing Self-awareness, -acceptance, and -love, you begin to discover yourself anew.

Here are five distinctive reasons to join Phoenix Rising:

  1. Break Free of Your Habitual Self: This workshop guides you in responding to life instead of reacting to it in old familiar ways. I use calming, introspective exercises that open the door to your Self—your truth, your feelings, and your desires. These practices help to align your thoughts and actions with your vision instead of automatically doing what you’ve always done.

  2. Make New, Empowering Choices: Phoenix Rising shows you how to grab hold of yourself and make new choices. It's a powerful experience of breaking free from the constraints that hold you back. By exploring new possibilities, you pave the way for Self-compassion, letting go of the past, and expanding the future.

  3. Experience More of Your Authentic Self Every Day: Phoenix Rising is more than a five-week workshop; it’s a year-long journey of Self-discovery. You’ll have access to workshop replays, my online self-paced foundational course, and weekly “check-in” sessions all year. You will continue to unfold all year as you gain new insights, tools, and processes.

  4. Live Each Day as if You Matter: The workshop, resources, and community sessions empower you to live each day as if you matter because you do.

  5. Revive Deferred Dreams: Phoenix Rising encourages you to start dreaming again, regardless of how long you've deferred your dreams.

An investment with unlimited returns 

Phoenix Rising gives you the information you need to believe that more is possible, the tools you need to break free, and a safe environment for Self-discovery. This transformative experience opens doors, inviting you to explore your honest yes or no and embrace your unique truths.

You’ll discover that it’s not just okay but immensely satisfying to rise from wherever you are again and again. Each time you expand, you discover there is much more inside of you than you have experienced.

There’s something exciting, gratifying, comforting, and even giddy about being you. It liberates your voice, dispels fear from your heart, and empowers you to own your choices.

By shedding shame and judgment, you can accept everything before you and use it to grow and thrive. It allows you to live with an undeniable, innate purpose that gets fulfilled every time you show up for yourself.

We know this powerful program changes lives. Let's take this journey together in a fun, adventurous, and more effective way than you can imagine.

If you’re new to inner fitness and there is something in your life that you want to shed or shed to move higher, take advantage of our Flash Sale. Get more details on Phoenix Rising here and register by 11:59PM ET on January 29th for a $300 discount.

Tina Lifford plays Aunt Vi on the critically acclaimed television show, Queen Sugar. The Little Book of Big Lies: A Journey Into Inner Fitness is her first book; released by Harper Collins, November 2019, and is full of the kind of internal “actions” that will transform your thinking and your life. Want more Inner Fitness gems? Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more Aha moments.

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