Get Out of Your Own Way

Updated: Mar 17

Have you ever learned a life-changing lesson the hard way?

Mine started 18 years ago when I walked away from a career in Environmental Science to become a freelance personal development copywriter. I thought it would help me learn more about myself, create a life that I was passionate about, and use my "voice" to inspire the world.

I was partially right.

I gained invaluable knowledge about the human mind and spirit and our capacity to create an abundant life. I worked with extraordinary people. And my work played a role in helping hundreds of thousands around the world.

But over the past couple of years, it became clear that something was missing…

Despite all the programs I completed, seminars I attended, and books I read, I still hadn't managed to create the passionate, purposeful life I had hoped for.

So… tired of spinning my wheels, I started to question why.


In June 2020, I read The Little Book of Big Lies, and I started doing Inner Fitness Workouts shortly afterward.

It wasn't until then that everything I had learned over the past 18 years started to click.

I understood why, for so many people (including myself), making meaningful changes requires more than setting goals, creating plans, meditating, and being persistent…

We also must do inner work to create a path through which our desires can show up in our lives.

Of course! It seemed so