How You Show Up Makes a Difference

If you’re reading this, you’re probably the kind of person who wants to make a difference in the world. However, there’s one obvious problem with wanting to make a difference: The thought that you have to do something “big.”

Yet, the BIGGEST difference you can make in another person’s life is to learn to be a place where they feel safe, seen, and heard.

There’s a trick to being a place where others feel safe seen and heard. To successfully be this for another you must first learn to be such a place for your Self. We each must learn to feel safe, seen, and heard with and by our Self. This is the epitome of Self-care.

When you complain about your Self, see your Self as not good enough, harshly criticize your Self, or undervalue your worth, this is Self-rejection.

We all know what rejection feels like. The silent insult of Self-rejection is worst. It leaves you feeling disconnected from yourself. It instigates all kinds of addictions and accommodates unhealthy and abusive relationships.

You can prove to your Self the damaging effects of Self-rejection. Bring to mind any event that causes you great emotional pain. Then consider this question. What hurts most, the circumstances of the event, or the negative way you see and judge your Self because of the event?

Do you see yourself as less than because of something that has happened in your life? Do you attack or harshly judge your Self because of events that took place in your life?

Self-rejection punches below the belt and can leave us feeling disabled.

Self-acceptance strengthens. When our Self-acceptance is strong another person’s judgment of us is like water rolling off a duck’s back.